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For Caregivers

Caregivers play a vital role for those who are undergoing or have gone through cancer treatment.  We aim to help those who are a system of support for the survivor by giving them the knowledge of what their role entails and how to navigate this journey.

A diagnosis of cancer is one of the most stressful events in the life of an individual – or that of the family.  When people learn that someone they love has cancer, it is only natural to want to help.

Defining Your Role as a Caregiver

  • Can the patient function independently? You as a caregiver may only be called on for emotional support.
  • Are the patient’s activities limited? Caregivers may be designated as a “primary caregiver” and required to take the lead in organizing care routines and communicating with doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Working With a Cancer Patient

  • Caregivers may be required to exhibit patience, flexibility, courage, and a sense of humor.
  • Try to understand the experience of a cancer patient’s point of view.
  • Ask questions and listen closely to responses.
  • Encourage patient to do what they can for themselves and should be included in daily activities as fully as possible.

We also encourage the caregiver to please, take care of yourself.  Caregivers can become physically exhausted and emotionally drained.  Your loved one’s well-being depends on your own well-being. You should ask for help when you need it, keep in close contact with the doctor and nurses, make time for yourself every day, choose designated listeners, rely on expert help and most of all, maintain a positive attitude.

Helpful Resources for Caregivers

Links provided by www.cancer.net.