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About Us

Women Supporting Women was started by three local women: Harriette Fine, Carol Prager, and Sue Revelle. The first meeting of Women Supporting Women was in July 1993 in the waiting room of the Radiation Department of Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Throughout the years our office has changed locations and currently resides off of Rt. 50 at 1320 Belmont Ave. Ste. 402.

Some of our services include prostheses, wigs, educational tote bags, and community-related events to educate the public. All of our services are FREE. In addition to our main office, support groups are held in the surrounding counties of Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset, and Dorchester.

This organization is tax-exempt and we receive funding from grants, and donations through community organizations as well as businesses and individuals. All contributions remain here on the Shore and are returned to our community in various ways.

For more information, call Women Supporting Women at 410.548.7880 or contact us.