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At Women Supporting Women we are lucky to work with some amazing funders and donors to create the important work we do for those diagnosed with breast cancer on Delmarva. Read on to see how we make the magic happen and keep the hope alive.

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Where Does the Money Come From?

In the fiscal year 2022, we had two main sources of funding.  Our biggest sources were from Women Supporting Women Fundraisers and Special Events which include third party events (businesses or individuals doing events and donating funds raised to WSW).  The second source came from Contributions and grants from corporate partners in the form of sponsorships, civic and individual marketing campaigns and unrestricted grants. In addition, WSW receives in-kind donations that add to the fiscal revenue.  Our organization does not receive funding from any national breast cancer organizations.

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Where Does the Money Go?

We are committed to ensuring that our contributed funds are spent in a prudent and responsible manner.  Monies go toward promoting awareness of our organization, supporting our local community and educating them on breast cancer.  Approximately 70% of all funds are put back into programs for those on the Eastern Shore of Maryland who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  We are pleased to report that only 15% was used for administrative duties in fiscal year 2022.   Board Members and volunteers do not receive any renumeration or coverage of expenses.  Transfer of funds require legitimization by the board.