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March Care & Share Newsletter 2018

By | March 2, 2018

Cancer Got Your Appetite?

Cancer comes with many side effects. Appetite loss is one of them – and a common one at that. In people with cancer, a loss of appetite can stem from the cancer itself; anxiety or depression due to the diagnosis and its treatment; and, of course, cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy and radiation.

When you have cancer, it isn’t enough that your days be filled with medical appointments, chemo infusions, and getting poked and prodded by doctors and nurses, but you’re also encouraged – even expected – to maintain your weight and eat as “normal” as possible. Regardless of whether you have some pounds to spare, weight loss during cancer treatment can have a negative impact on treatment side effects, speed of recovery, and survival rates. So, how do you get the calories you need when you’re exhausted from treatment and busy shuttling to appointment after appointment?

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